Learning is the continuous process; Life long process

Education is an important key to success for many people. Education is not only to go to school for learning, it mean that people may learn from their family, social life, their work, experience or by themselves. Education promotes their life & career.
We learn many things around us day by day. Since we are born, we learn many things. First of all, we learn how to stand, how to speak, how to run which are teaches by our parents. After then we learn all the basic life's skills like eat, sleep, wear clothes etc and basic knowledge by ourselves & with others help. Then, we were old enough to go to school, our parents sent us to go to school for studying. We spent all our childhood in learning. Consequently, we could get a good level of knowledge to find a job after learning for higher school or graduation from university. Then, we cannot stop learning because we have to fight for our work. We got more & more knowledge in our field because our experience is very much valuable. Then we got trainings, seminars or could join a cyber class, seek knowledge from the internet or study ourselves being at home.
The 21st century is also called as the age of competition. Everyone wants to be competing with one another. Learning is also for the same purpose. In learning as well, people learn to compete with another. We must continue studying. Nowadays, everyone tries to get perfect job. After getting job they also try to get promotion in their job. People know that nothing lasts forever. Knowledge changes so fast. So, if we stop starving from that, they would be left behind, even lose their own position & reputation. So, we should update our knowledge. With strong knowledge, we could be more successful.
People always need to get more & more knowledge. The learn day to day to live and to advance their life. That mean we spend all our lives on education, it is long life task. People who are 60 ages ahead, they are also involved in learning activities. To kill the time, they learn different literature, stories, comics' books etc. So, all one life is spent in learning.             


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